GST204 Human Resources Management and Organisational Behaviour (2Units)

  • The entrepreneur as a team leader and coach.

  • Managerial skills and roles. Emerging trends in the workplace

  • Changing demographics and the impact of technology. Emphasis on team work. Job design Behavioural consideration on job design. Physical consideration in job design.

  • Practicum: Students of ike mind work together in an organization-like group performing different roles.

GST202 Logic and Philosophy ( 1 Unit)

  • The course is designed to equip students with the capacity to adequately understand the concept of human existence (meaning, methods and application of Philosophy, Philosophical foundation of Human existence) and man’s role in the affairs of life (the values of Philosophy to man society, ethics and human conduct, the significance of Philosophy, Culture and Religion to national development.

  • It aims at providing ways and means through careful reflection, purposeful thinking and reasoning (Philosophy and Education, Philosophy of language), a useful foundation for a meaningful life (The nature of logic, the meaning , structure and types of arguments, fallacies and the use of truth table, symbolizing statements and argument in prepositional logic)

ENG200 Student Work Experience Programme (0+0+0 0 Units)

  • Introduction to practices and skills through supervised hands-on workshop exercises in each engineering departments: Mechanical Engineering (Fabrication, welding, Machining, Foundry, Automotive operations, etc), Chemical Engineering (bar and liquid soap, creams, paints, etc), Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering (soldering and de-soldering, building of different circuits, etc), Petroleum Engineering, Electrical Electronics (surface and conduit wiring, etc), Information and Communication Technology (Satellite Dish installation).

  • Working in the construction site if available during the period.

  • Introduction to Networking Operation Center (Satellite Broad casting), Bakery Operation (Bread Production), Water Table, sachet and Juice Production, Printing Technology, Fire-fighting Exercise and other available related general engineering practice on campus. These exercises include familiarisation with basic tools, troubleshooting.

  • Safety precautions in handling devices in each workshop.

MME 202: Iron Extraction and Steel Making process

Classification and types of iron ores. Agglomeration techniques. Scientific and technological analysis of extraction processes. Ore treatment techniques. Introduction to iron and ironmaking, Blast furnace iron making, modern development in blast furnace, Alternative ironmaking processes , principles of steel making, oxygen steel making processes, hot metal pretreatment, Electric arc furnace, brief descripyion of each process and their technology. Raw materials requirement and steel making practices. Thermodynamics and kinetics of steelmaking processes and manufacture of alloy steel principles.

Ladle processing of liquid steel. Casting techniques: ingot and continuous casting, theory and principles of materials and heat balance.

MEE204 Fluid Mechanics - I ( 2 Units)

  • Introduction: Properties of fluids: Density, Pressure, surface tension, viscosity, compressibility etc.

  • Fluid statics. Buoyancy of floating bodies. Fluid dynamics. Basic conservation laws.

  • Friction effects and losses in laminar and turbulent flows in ducts and pipes.

  • Dimensional analysis and dynamic similitude.

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