MEE413 Technology Policy & Development (2 Units)

  • Introduction - Technology and technological innovation; Specific issues and general; Innovation and competitive advantage; Types of innovation; the importance of incremental innovation; Innovation as a knowledge-based process; the challenge of discontinuous innovation.

  • The Management of Research and Development – What is R&D; Basic and Applied Research; Centralized and Decentralized R&D; Managing Research Teams; Evaluation and Assessment of R&D.

  • The Management of New Product Development - What is a new product?; The potential benefits of new product development; What makes a firm innovative in its new product development; Internal organizational integration for new product development; The importance of coordination in new product development; Human resource management factors in new product development; Project management techniques in new product development; Failure in new product development.

  • The management of Operations and Production – What are operations and production and why are they important; Some techniques of operation and production management; Lean production; Investment appraisal techniques; Manufacturing strategy.

  • Technology Strategy – Why technological innovation is a strategic management issue; Technology strategy; Technological competencies; Learning and Technology strategy

  • Technological Collaboration – Introduction; Why firms collaborate in Technological activities; The extent of Technological collaboration; The challenges of managing Technological collaboration; Trust and Technological collaboration.

  • The Commecialisation process – What is Commercialisation process?; Marketing Technology products; Intellectual Property right and know-how; Licensing; Technology Pricing; Technical standards; Technology transfer. Some future challenges for the management of Technological Innovation.

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