Materials and metallurgical engineering deals with the manufacture, use, extraction and properties of metals,non-metals and alloys as engineering materials.

Materials engineering deals with the art, science and technology of the development, selection and use of metals and non-metals like ceramics,semi-conductors, and polymerics and so on.

Metallurgical engineering is concerned with the art, science and technology of extraction, property control, shaping, selection and use of alloys and metals.

Materials have played vital role in the activities of man. The nature, kind and level of usage of materials have been the basis of classification of human development and age. Hence the stone, bronze, golden, silver, and iron ages. The commonest and the most important material is metal and most activities of humanity depend on metals-metals and non-metals.


-materials engineering

-metallurgical engineering

-ceramics engineering

-polymer science and engineering

The materials engineer deals with the science and technology of development, selection and use of metals and non-metallic materials, choice and design of process technology to be used; heat treatment of materials, foundry, corrosion of metals and control, extractions and so on.

The metallurgical engineer deals with the science and technology of the development and utilization of metals and alloys through extraction, refining, atomic bonding etc.

The ceramics engineer deals with the application of scientific principles to the fabrication of ceramic products.

The polymer engineer is conversant with the synthesis, structure, physical and mechanical properties of synthetic and natural polymers. He deals with the industrial applications of polymeric materials; the mechanical, rheological and chemical properties of polymers; polymer processing, rubbers, ceramics, glass technology, medical and industrial applications of polymeric material, plastic foams and so on.

Career opportunities in metallurgical and materials engineering

Industries in the manufacturing of metallic and non-metallic products, research, teaching in universities, iron and steel industries, car assembly plants, iron-ore mines, oil companies etc.

For ceramics engineer-refractories, glass, enamelled and abrasive industries, cement factories, etc


Metallurgical and Materials Engineering plays a role in all manufacturing processes which convert raw materials into useful products adapted to human needs. The primary goal of the Metallurgical and Materials Engineering program is to provide students with a fundamental knowledge-base associated with materials-processing, their properties, and their selection and application.

The emphasis in the Department is on teaching and research focused toward materials processing operations which encompass: the conversion of mineral and chemical resources into metallic, ceramic or polymeric materials; the synthesis of new materials; refining and processing to produce high performance materials for applications from consumer products to automobiles, aerospace and electronics; the development of mechanical, chemical and physical properties of materials related to their processing and structure; and the selection of materials for specific applications

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