Undergraduate Programme (BEng)

The undergraduate programme in Materials & Metallurgical Engineering, Federal University Oye- Ekiti focuses on the development of engineering materials for engineering, scientific and technological applications including manufacturing, communication, transport, medicine, service, energy, agriculture etc for the benefit of humanity and society.

The philosophy is to educate, train and produce graduates with sound knowledge in the following areas: Physical and Mechanical metallurgy; Mineral processing and Extractive metallurgy; Corrosion Engineering; and Materials Engineering. It is designed to provide the graduates with technical competence to be able to design, develop, test and produce devices and products for the use of the society.

The programme is structured to train future educators, researchers and engineers through an intensely personal engagement in a set of research activities that span the development of fundamental knowledge about the design of new metallurgical processes and methods, and the creation of novel applications that benefit society at large.

The objectives of the five-year full-time undergraduate programme are to:

(i)                             provide comprehensive education in Materials and Metallurgical


(ii)                           equip students with the knowledge of basic sciences, engineering for fundamentals and a wide range of general and specialized materials and design topics in order to maintain competence for solving new problems as they arise;

(iii)                         train and produce engineers with competence to conduct researches for advancement of knowledge and solving emerging societal problems; and

(iv)                         provide adequate manpower for manufacturing industries and research establishments in the areas of materials and metallurgy.

The period for the completion of the B. Eng program is ten (10) semesters and a maximum of fifteen (15) semesters through UTME and a minimum of eight (8) semesters and a maximum of twelve (12) semesters through Direct Entry for a full-time degree.

The student must pass a minimum of 201 Credit units distributed as follows:

  • Compulsory Courses (including project/dissertation)-176 units
  • General Studies (including Entrepreneurships)-16 units
  • Elective Courses-3 units
  • Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES)-6 units  

 Postgraduate Programmes (PGD, MEng., MPil/PhD)

The Postgraduate programmes in the Department aim at producing effective experts in specialized fields of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering. It is also to deepen or update their skills and knowledge in academically and/or industrially relevant areas of advanced Materials Engineering and Metallurgy.

This postgraduate programmes are based on the philosophy that the rate of technological development of a nation depends to a great extent on the size, quality, motivation and orientation of its science, engineering and technology workforce. It is clear that materials play a major role in technological advancement of any nation and this will depend largely on the quality and quantity of materials and metallurgical engineers.

The objectives of the Postgraduate programmes are:

  1. To provide students of HND in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering and other relevant fields with deeper and specialized knowledge in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering.
  2. Enable those who wish to make up for the deficiencies in their mono-focused technical background by updating their knowledge with more universal and research oriented studies in order to satisfy the requirements for their practice of engineering.
  3. To train graduates to have a broad-based knowledge of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering and develop specialized interests in specific areas of Materials Engineering and Metallurgy.
  4. To be abreast of the state-of-the-art practices in Materials Engineering and Metallurgy.
  5. Manpower for educational and research institutions.

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